Features of ERP Software


Features of ERP Software

There is a lot of work, but it will take the world’s time to do it manually… Then we would like to introduce ERP solutions and modules to you. You can’t finish the world’s work in a short time with only Office programs. Then are you ready to read about ERP solutions that will help you and save you time and money?


In the meantime, let’s briefly explain the concept of ERP. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In other words, the name of the system that brings together the resources of companies and ensures their efficient use.

It has an open software architecture. It is web-based and easy to use. It is also multi-layered and works on the principle of database layer, middle layer and server. In Internet browsers, it is a software that works with the Java routine. It has an independent platform. It can work in harmony with the existing software in your company. For example, if you have software that works with Oracle database, you can work in harmony with Jboss or IBM Websphere or Sun software. It has multilingual user interface; thus, you can easily use it in your international business. It is scalable. You can easily use and report your data in your small, medium and large businesses. In this way, you can easily manage and scale personnel management, especially inventory.


Thanks to the master production plan, you can calculate on the MRP results and change the data of the desired size. You can do demand forecasting modeling such as moving averages, regression analysis, simple exponential smoothing, double exponential smoothing and prior period copying. You can turn your models into graphics. You can analyze according to calculation methods, correction criteria and ABC classes. You can process the results you find on the inventory card and present them as a report. You can create and control inventory policies. If you wish, you can arrange the alert and order list according to stock transactions.


It has a simple and understandable admin panel. You can enter the monthly production information with the details you want. For example, you can prepare with details such as minutes, kg and pieces.


You can make any customizations you want which means you can change the module applications you want according to the options presented to you in the administration panel. You can make it easy to use.

You can define as much as you want thanks to the flexible information field.


The best thing is the report wizard… You can try report formats that you have not seen before with the help of the wizard.


In Zinger Stick Software, canias4.0 is a fully integrated and adaptable ERP system for businesses of any size. The Enterprise Resource Planning system can be utilized in both conventional and customized forms, depending on the needs of the firm. ERP software allows businesses to streamline their business processes and safeguard their competitive structures thanks to its open-source software development framework, which provides for unlimited flexibility.

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